A guided sensory journey

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the 5 elements are the premise for harmony in the Universe, in our built and natural environments, and in our bodies. I share this sequence with you as a means of welcoming harmony into your life and furthermore reducing anxiety by understanding how this generating process of things is with us, supporting our regeneration, in every changing moment.

May your relationship to the 5 elements deepen your human experience and peak your health & wellbeing.

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    Josie Adele

    Regenerative Living Designer

    Hi! I'm Josie and

    I believe we can redirect resources into education, arts and humanity if we choose personal paths towards optimal health & wellness. Together, we can shift pain to positivity. I see space as a portal to this shift!

    I have combined 23 years experience in interior design, wellness and feng shui to create a path to renewal. My process of ReNEWell is 'regenerative living design' and it is inspired by the TCM 5 elements.

    Understanding that every moment provides an opportunity to return, to choose anew and to be well.

    What is Regenerative Living Design?

    • Relates our peak health (body vitals) & wellness (mind, body, spirit) to our living environment.
    • Provides interior living solutions that improve health and optimize wellbeing.
    • Implements a customized path for regenerating energy, improved sleep, health recovery, greater focus, clarity, happier relationships and more to be free to live your brilliance!